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The Diary My Love Forgot

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(Asdfghjkl that was beautiful. <3) My, how talented you are!


beauteaveuglante asked: Is there anything you are in need of, apart from myself, that is?

My love, there is not a thing in this world that I need more than you. Not a single thing.


ludenb0rg asked: how long is your hair?

You actually made me laugh, mon ami.

I don’t have any. But back then, my hair was long, well, for a male’s standards, anyway.

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beauteaveuglante asked: I am sure ther is some other way I can reward you though, non?

And what praytell would that be, dearest?


beauteaveuglante asked: Oh, Alois. *Justine chortles.* If I was to allow you to hold me once more, you would never let me go.

Right you are, my pure dove.


beauteaveuglante asked: Bon garcon. You are such a dear. And so dedicated too. Perhaps I shall reward you...

If that reward is to once again hold you in my arms, I would be most delighted, my love.


I am severely depressed.

Shadow has been missing for far too long and I’ve grown weary of waiting for my beloved. I don’t know what to do anymore and I have yet to figure out how to get out of this blasted place!

If only my love would come for me.

I need Justine like I need air and light, both of which are snuffed out and dank in this dark, dismal place.

I can’t keep living like this, even if it is Justine’s wish. I loathe the dins and whines the estate’s frame mutters during the cold winter and the numbness in my limbs that will never work as well as they used to. I know spring has passed and summer has begun, but the dreadful heat that I would now welcome has not seared through the cold stone. 

I moan at random from heartbreak and loneliness, and I begin to wonder if I did not have this parchment and ink would I truly just slip into insanity?

I call for Shadow from time to time, hoping he’ll show so I can at least converse with another being. Any thing, even if he is otherworldly.

I am running out of ink, and this journal is the first I’ve written in my own blood since my incarceration inside the small cell.

I await your return, Justine. I will forever wait for you, for your warmth, and until then I shall continue to await Shadow, the being I never thought I’d be missing this much.


beauteaveuglante asked: Alois? Are you still down here, waiting for me?

Oui, indeed I am, mon amour. Forever and a day, I’ll wait even after eternity itself is over for you.


Anonymous asked: Are you doing ok down in the cell block? Want me to bring you some paper and ink?

Oh, please, do! I feel I am running out of it, and using my own blood is painful and tedious.

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I do apologise, without my eyes, I didn&#8217;t find your note until just now. Dear Shadow is doing well, and he helped me to decipher what it is you have written to me. 

I spent Valentine&#8217;s Day alone, unfortunately. I&#8217;m sure Justine was busy. Much too busy for me, but I didn&#8217;t mind. 

Well, perhaps I did, but I&#8217;m used to the loneliness. 
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I do apologise, without my eyes, I didn’t find your note until just now. Dear Shadow is doing well, and he helped me to decipher what it is you have written to me.

I spent Valentine’s Day alone, unfortunately. I’m sure Justine was busy. Much too busy for me, but I didn’t mind.

Well, perhaps I did, but I’m used to the loneliness. 

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